Top 5 Foods you Must Eat in Greece


We visited Greece several times and each time we were impressed by the views, the kind people and the food.

Greece is a country rich in tasty and unique foods, and eating is a large part of the culture, as well. So visiting without trying a wide variety of the foods would be to miss out on a major part of the culture and history of Greece.

  1. Gyros

We are sure you tasted gyros before visiting Greece, but the local one has that delicious flavor you won’t forget. It is a handheld pita sandwich that is loved around the world. You can get it with a variety of different meats, including beef, lamb, chicken and pork.

  1. Mousakka

It’s like a pasta-free lasagne. Sautéed eggplant, minced meat, tomato, onion, garlic, potato, béchamel sauce and grilled cheese, layered and usually covered with cheese.

  1. Tzatziki

Basically it is yoghurt and cucumber seasoned with garlic. Goes great with meat, vegetables, pita, or just by itself with a spoon.

  1. Souvlaki

It has small pieces of meat and vegetables grilled on a skewer. It can be ate hot or cold and it is both loved by adults and children. It can be served with pita bread, fried potatoes, lemon, and sauces, but the souvlaki itself is eaten on its own, with the side dishes eaten subsequently.

  1. Saganaki

It is a deep fried cheese.

The cheese used in cheese saganaki is usually graviera, kefalograviera, halloumi, kasseri, kefalotyri, or sheep’s milk feta cheese.  The cheese is melted in a small frying pan until it is bubbling and generally served with lemon juice and pepper. It is eaten with bread.

These are just a few iconic Greek dishes. You will have to beautiful Greece and discover its diversity of flavors and culture of food.