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Hawaii – Dos and Don’ts (Part II)

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In this article, we are going to give you extra tips in order to avoid all the inconveniences while traveling to Hawaii.

Join the rental agency’s loyalty program before you go on a trip

Imagine you land in Hawaii after a long flight. You wait to grab your bags and afterwords you head to the car rental shuttle. You suddenly realize that everyone from the plane is headed to a car rental agency while you don’t necessarily know what agency to choose.

Although you may be a patient person, you will gain time and even money if you join the rental agency’s loyalty program before you go. By doing so you will likely stand in a shorter line or skip the line altogether and head straight to your car.

Don’t complicate the things, whatever you do. For example, don’t try to add a third-party to the car rental insurance on the spot. It will take a long time and patience. Remember the trio that will allow you to have a great trip: patience, preparation, simplicity. Repeat this mantra as needed while standing in line.

Don’t forget about the sunscreen

Many dermatologists say that although we are more responsible when it comes to applying sunscreen, many people don’t apply it adequately and furthermore, they don’t reapply it as often as they should.

Most of your time is dedicated to fun and relaxation when you’re on vacation. So consider applying a thick initial application and top-ups every 90 minutes as the one thing on your to-do list.

Discover more beaches, don’t stick to one

As we said in our last article, all beaches in Hawaii are public. The beaches must be accessible and open to anyone even if they’re at a fancy resort, or surrounded by a gated community, or bordered by private property. Furthermore, each of Hawaii’s beaches offers a slightly different twist on paradise: calm lava pools and lolling sea turtles, stunning black sand, vivid blue water, wide resort beaches dotted with chaise lounges, and everything in between.

Hawaii has a lot to offer, go beyond the beaches

It is true that people come from all over the world to see the beautiful beaches in Hawaii, but Hawaii means much more than its beaches. It is rich in culture and it has a diverse natural beauty of the islands. You have to chance to learn about Hawaii’s complicated history and strong cultural identity at historical sites and cultural centers. Visit the botanical gardens and go on a hike or a biking ride to discover its natural beauty. Enjoy the rhythms of local life in its small towns. Your curiosity will be rewarded.

Don’t Dismiss Warning Signs

You’ll find signs covering these dangers and others at beaches around Hawaii such as: strong current, sharp coral, stinging jellyfish or wastewater bacteria. Y. And let’s put it this way: They’re not just for show. These and other beach dangers are real and can be life-threatening even tough the sand may be soft and the water warm.

Take our tips into consideration and you will have a great Hawaii trip!


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