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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Berlin

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Berlin

The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is an eclectic mix of history filled with places of significance. From its many conflicts and wars to the marvelous new architecture, shopping, dynamic entertainment, buzzing nightlife, and sports and cultural institutions. Berlin is home to some of the most spectacular art galleries and museums. Among them are the famous Berlin Opera, and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Explore the remnants of the Berlin Wall, roam in peaceful greenery at Tiergarten, watch a match in Olympiastadion Berlin, or visit the heritage sites at Museum Island. This article answers your question about what to do in Berlin.

1. Admire the Glass Dome of The Reichstag

Reichstag, Berlin’s Parliament Building, was restored after World War II. The highlight of this building is the magnificent glass dome, Kuppel, offering spectacular views of the city. In the twenty-first century, Reichstag became a symbol of renewable energy. The solar array on the roof increased the building’s energy independence. With a Germany tourist visa, enjoy delicious German food at the restaurant on the rooftop of the Reichstag building as you soak in views of the Berlin skyline.

Admire the Glass Dome of The Reichstag

2. See the Berlin Cathedral

The magnificent dome of the Berlin Cathedral or Berliner Dom is one of the popular landmarks of the Berlin cityscape. The cathedral suffered severe damage during World War II, with the Hohenzollern Crypt and a few coffins damaged below. After reconstruction in the 1970s, visitors can now admire the breathtaking interior architecture with intricate onyx, marble altar, and gold decorations. Climb the 270 steps to enjoy superb views over the rooftop or descend to the crypt to see the burial place of many famous Berlin residents.

See the Berlin Cathedral

3. Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall Memorial, is located in the middle of the capital and is a reminder of the animosity that once divided Europe. At present, only a 1.4 km stretch of the wall remains that runs along both sides of Bernauer Strasse. The Window of Remembrance and The Chapel of reconciliation are in this section. There is also a Visitor Center and Documentation Center, which has a permanent exhibition about the history of Berlin’s division.

Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial

4. Explore the Berlin Museum Island

Museum Island in Spree Island is Berlin City’s UNESCO world heritage site, a unique ensemble of buildings from the time of Prussian rulers. It houses the Altes Museum (Old Museum), Neuves Museum (New Museum), Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), Bode Museum, Pergamon, and the newly opened Humboldt Forum. Each museum was designed to establish an organic connection with the art it houses.

5. Stroll around the Brandenburg Gate

This Neoclassical Gate, built in 1761, is a symbol of unity and peace commissioned by King Wilhelm II in 1788. This 26-meter-tall gate with six columns and five walkways is based on Athens Acropolis. It is a dividing point between east and west Berlin. The important historical event that took place in Brandenburg Gate, where the US President Ronald Reagan addressed Gorbachev during the Cold War.

6. Visit the Charlottenburg Palace and Park

The Charlottenburg Palace is the residence of German royalty. Now restored, features opulent Rocco and Baroque decor, a 50 mt high central dome, and a garden inspired by the Garden at Versailles. Visitors get a glimpse of the splendor in which Prussian Kings lived. On the east end is the Oak Gallery, still used for music concerts. The richly furnished rooms are fine examples of chinoiserie and paintings of the Biedermeier period.

7. Stop by Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial, which is also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, is a collection of 2711 concrete slabs. They are covering 19000 square meters of uneven ground that attracts tourists from all over the world. Below the Memorial is an information center housing letters, diaries, and photographs of Holocaust victims.

Stop by Holocaust Memorial

Sip beer in one of the world’s best beer gardens at Heinz Minki in Kreuzberg or Prater in Prenzlauer Berg. Also, learn about Germany’s history at DDR Museum, immerse yourself in art at East Side Gallery, or watch a show at Konzert Haus. With so many places to visit in Berlin and sightseeing adventures, you must be excited to plan a trip to Germany. Do check out the Germany travel tips, so that you can enjoy a memorable trip in Berlin.


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