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Hawaii – Dos and Don’ts

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Everybody dreams about a vacation in Hawaii and thinks about the best ways to spend it, but there are also plenty of ways to do it wrong. In case you’re not scared by speeding tickets, painful stings, and bland food you’re prepared for everything. Our tips are for those people who want to avoid all inconveniences.

The Beachside Hotel – Don’t Choose It Automatically

Many people envision a beachfront hotel with an ocean view when imagining a perfect Hawaii vacation. Staying off the beach has its advantages, too, especially a reduced cost. Furthermore, you’re not going to get stuck in a beach rut. Did you know that all beaches in Hawaii are public? That means that you can go to any beach, even though you don’t stay at a particular hotel.

You’re far more likely to push yourself to find those incredible off-the-beaten-path spots that make a Hawaiian vacation truly memorable if you don’t have a default, roll-out-of-bed-and-onto-the-sand option. You’ll also likely eat better food and see more of the island if you’re not holed up in a resort compound.

Rent a Car

You will need to rent a car in case you aren’t totally committed o relaxing at your resort and doing nothing more than lounging by the pool, sleeping at the beach, swimming, and eating.

In order to visit the splendor beyond the resort walls, you will need a car. You’ll have to be willing to drive and even hike if you want to explore the hidden beaches, volcanic peaks, wild valleys, and thundering waterfalls beckon from the end of long highways and down bumpy roads.

Inform yourself about the rental policies and see if they are compatible with your plans. If you’re planning on venturing down unpaved roads, compare policies by the rental agency and car type. There are other considerations if you’re planning to rent a car under age 25.

Try the Local Food

There’s so much more to Hawaiian food than potted meat and hidden tropical fruit. Over the last decade, finding new and better ways to showcase the incredible interplay of agricultural abundance and rich cultural influences, Hawaii has done its local bounty proud.

In order to unlock the culinary delights of the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll have to get out there with an appetite: hit up the farmer’s market for the freshest taste. Try some local vodka made with sugar cane and deep-ocean mineral water. Stop at a roadside shack for smoothies. Explore a coffee plantation, then enjoy a fresh cup of the local brew. Stand in line at a food truck for shave ice. Feast on furikake chicken at a local joint, and eat every malasada (a Hawaiian-Portuguese donut) and manju (a bun filled with coconut, sweet potato, and other delights) that dares to cross your path. Try a plate lunch, saimin, poke, and other local specialties you find.

In our next article you will find more tips about what to do and what to avoid when visiting beautiful Hawaii. Have you been there? Share your experience with us.


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