10 Tips for Travelling with Children


Travelling with children can be named a wild holiday for parents all over the world, but with the right preparation and some clever tips, you can make your holiday a success.

Prepare your child for the airport

For first-time flyers, and even for us well-travelled adults, airports can be overwhelming. Prepare your toddler for the airport by setting your expectations that they stick close to you, use an ‘inside voice,’ and cooperate at security.

Take your time

No matter the destination or the means of transportation, you should always take extra time. Children are unpredictable and you should anticipate spontaneous situations that take time solving.

Book ahead

Now that you are a parent, you can’t be as spontaneous as you were once, that’s why you should always book ahead and try to take into consideration different kind of assurances.

Keep it simple

Your trip may be more or less difficult, depending on your kids’ age. Try to keep it simple and sort the items they really need and make a short list. You won’t be able to stuck all his favorite toys, especially if you are travelling by plane. Let them choose if they are big enough to decide, this way you won’t hear them complaining at the destination.

Stick to the routine

Routine matters especially if you have a toddler.  Try to respect his schedule by planning an on-the-ground itinerary that accommodates nap-time and meals.

Make sure you have enough snacks

Kids get really upset when they are hungry, so it’s important to have on you a great variety of snacks they enjoy. If you fancy healthy snacks, you could prepare them one day in advance to keep them fresh.

Keep them comfy

Make sure they are comfortably dressed. Pijamas proved to be one of the best options. Don’t forget about their favorite pillow, they can snuggle up in the window seat against the wall, drift off and dream of holidays.

Consider travelling with friends with children

In case you kid is very sociable and adores playing with other children, you could have some adult discussions while kids spend time with each other.

Be prepared for upset tummies

Take your SOS kit and make sure you have what you need for every situation. Kids get sick especially during trips, so you have to be prepared to comfort them. Also, don’t forget to take your medical cards in case you travel in Europe.

Enjoy the wonder of flying

Your kids don’t know all the hustle behind the trip. They see the excitement and the new opportunities for discovery. Although you are stressed out, join your kids’ excitement and enjoy the wonder of the skies.