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City Break in Yerevan, Armenia

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Although there are many restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 spreading, we have to be an optimist and think about our new trip. Now, more than ever, we will enjoy the freedom of traveling.

For today, we are going to give you more details you Yerevan, Armenia.

The Caucasus is worthy of visiting all year round; obviously I am referring to the 3 countries, not to the autonomous territories, more or less, in Russia. After a brief analysis, I choose to start with Baku, but until I decided to buy the ticket, the price grew and so I decided to buy a ticket to Yerevan.

Yerevan at the end of March

I requested the pick up from the airport, as well as the return transport from the hotel where we were going to stay. On arrival, a half-asleep gentleman was waiting for us, who did not know a word in English and who also had my name spelled incorrectly. After about 30 minutes I was at the hotel; there, the owner woke up to lead us the room. He wanted to talk, but we wanted to sleep faster and I don’t remember much of that discussion.

After a few hours of sleep, we wake up almost ready to explore the city.

The first traditional meal

We chose Lavash, a restaurant with traditional cuisine. Afterward, we noticed among reviews that it is one of the most popular restaurants in Yerevan.

All the traditional food we ate was full of taste and flavor, way over the experience we had in Russia or Moldova. The only inconvenience was the amount of salt. They seem to use it in excess. We made our plans while drinking coffee. Yerevan is full of small coffee shops you will surely enjoy.

Botero’s works

We passed by the opera and from there, we continued to the Cascades Complex. I was surprised that in the market, in front of the stairs, I found some statues that looked like Botero’s works. After admiring them in Colombia, it is very easy for me to recognize their style. For a second I thought they were copied or reprinted. I’ve made a small search on Google to see if they are made by him and, after being confirmed, I noticed that there are some nice discreet ones with the artist’s name.

Next on the list was St. Gregory the Luminator Cathedral, but it was far away on foot. The bus seemed the most convenient choice, but we didn’t understand how we were supposed to pay for the ticket. The subway was nearby and we opted for this option.

The cathedral belongs to the Armenian Church and is the largest in the world, but also one of the most important houses of worship in the Caucasus. I have seen some cathedrals so far, and I could say that it is one of the most interesting and special ones. It does not abound in decorations or paintings, and what makes it special is the way in which the interior structures are combined.

The last day in Yerevan

The next day was dedicated to exploring the surroundings. To do this, we rented a car to make the most of what we can see near the capital.

If the previous day we were lucky to escape the rain, the last day in Yerevan was rainy. There were many to visit. We started with the Katoghike Church, and before that, we ate a lavash made in a traditional oven.

Before lunch, we went to the History Museum. It wasn’t in our plan, because I hadn’t read anything special about it, but it seemed like a good place to fill an hour before lunch. We did not get bored, but I can’t say it was an experience I would repeat.

All in all, Yerevan is perfect for a city break!


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