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You Can Help the Industries Hardest Hit by Coronavirus

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Coronavirus effects on the tourism industry

Communities, businesses, self-employed people and families that depend on tourism and the custom of the general public are being forced to think on their feet as COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to pose challenges for countries all over the world. There are still ways that you can support local businesses and spread some hope although gathering in large groups or frequenting the usual spaces is not recommended for the time being.

Buy gift cards from the restaurants – Help them to get over the Coronavirus financial effect

In order to protect the citizens and to slow down the spread of the virus, governments around the world have issued advice to limit public gatherings. As you can imagine, this is a huge blow for restaurant owners. Although they made some sanitation and hygiene efforts like limiting entries, spreading out tables or cut down sit-down meals, they still face one of the most difficult times.

There are several ways you could support your favorite local café and restaurant: order take away food from them as it is still considered safe and buy gift cards for future celebrations and events when everything will be fine. You could even buy gift cards for people in need that support local business and helps them feed the troops if you’re feeling extra generous.

Find a way to support independent artists during the coronovirus pandemic

Independent musicians and artists rely on crowds to pay their rent. This means zero income for a band that can’t gig. Likewise, many artists sell their wares at markets or in shops, which have been hard hit by people isolating themselves and crowds avoiding cities that are usually bustling.

You could support their creativity by buying their work such as CDs, vinyl or tour posters from online stores, don’t stop buying tickets to their future concerts. You will surely enjoy the show after spending so much time at home.

Donate for local or international campaigns

Technology has put a lot of power in the hands of ordinary people. The general public can back those in need in a quick and easy way when enough momentum builds. People have turned to crowdfunding for assistance, creating GoFundMe campaigns to raise money to support people out of work given the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Shop from the local store and focus on online shopping

The big corporations will probably be OK that’s why it is high time we think about small producers and how they will survive this hard period. The local business will appreciate your custom whether it’s your local coffee shop that roasts its own beans or your nearby yoga studio that sells vouchers for special courses. Ordering produce or clothes from local businesses is a very positive thing if home delivery is an option, creating a stable home-grown economy and giving you what you need in a safer way.

Don’t cancel your future tips – plan in advance

We must remember that things can improve and that we are all reliant on each other. Don’t cancel your future trip, postpone it. You will appreciate it differently once everything will come to normal and you will enjoy freedom at its best.
Planning future trips now, whether it’s researching online, ordering guidebooks, or booking refundable hotel stays for months in the future are all ways to keep yourself inspired and prepare to support travel industries.

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