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Travel Restrictions Because of COVID-19

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There’s one thing travelers can count on during the coronavirus pandemic, as countries close their borders and airlines cancel flights: expecting the unexpected. Navigating an unforeseen travel adventure can be difficult for even the most confident traveler when under the stress of rapidly evolving restrictions and newly implemented laws, although this ideology may be dogma for seasoned jet setters.

Here are the top tips and resources to help you get back on track, or at least make the most of a tricky situation, if you’re running into roadblocks while trying to get home from a trip.

Stay informed

Travel rules and regulations can turn on a dime during international crises. In order to plan accordingly and avoid getting stuck somewhere, arm yourself with knowledge concerning possible alterations to your itinerary. If you want updated information about international travel restrictions and immigration requirements, check the International Air Transport Association. Always consult the service provider’s website or app for information about the status of a flight, train or bus trip. Don’t wait to get to the point of departure to find out about a cancellation.

Travelers should keep abreast of government websites, like, for both their home country and the country they’re visiting in order to find pertinent information about border closures and quarantines that might change their travel plans. Another highly informative resource is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which includes a risk assessment for travel to different countries and the U.S. State Department’s list of screening procedures for countries around the world trying to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Your flight is canceled? Be pro-active!

Many travelers find themselves stranded with no discernible path home as airlines around the globe ground thousands of flights. Don’t be afraid to take matters in your hands if you find yourself in this situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact the airline. Most airlines have to get you to your desired destination. You won’t need to pay an additional cost for another available flight. Save time by using the company’s digital app or phone service to find a new flight before waiting in a long line to speak with someone from the company if you’re already at the airport.

Find alternative ways to get home

Creativity is highly appreciated and it can help you no matter the situation. Weigh your other transportation options when flying home seems shaky. Consider hopping behind the wheel of a rental and going for a road trip if you can reach your destination by car. A car can potentially take you to an airport with flights to your hometown even though it doesn’t get you home. Never underestimate the power of public transit, either. Trains, buses, taxis, and ferries are options worth investigating when all else fails.

Take extra provisions

New areas around the world are reporting COVID-19 outbreaks almost daily, leading to countries, cities, and towns instituting quarantines that are taking travelers by surprise. Did you know that recently, a quarantine was recently imposed on hundreds of international guests at a Tenerife hotel amid coronavirus fears? Unexpected situations could happen at any time.  Be prepared!

We hope our piece of advice comes in handy and you will keep safe during your trips.



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