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Useful Tips in Choosing the Groups to Travel With

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Useful Tips in Choosing the Groups to Travel With

In theory, planning a group holiday means you’ll get to explore the world with some of your favorite people. In practice, choosing the right groups to travel with could mean a lots of things. We can include here: fights over itinerary, haggling over hotels, and bickering with your siblings in front of your parents, even though you may all be full-grown adults.

Luckily there are ways to avoid those situations. Whether you’re planning a big family reunion, a bachelor party, or a getaway with friends, there are two main rules: be patient and be flexible.

Rent a house for your group

If you’re planning a family reunion or a bachelorette blowout, renting a house can both save money and stress. Having a house will also let us spend more time with the others, because no one in your group can hide out in their hotel room. Renting a house has other perks, too, like breakfast together, the ability to cook if you want, easy access to snacks, etc. Sites like AirBnb, HomeAway, and VRBO make it very easy to find homes to rent anywhere in the world. If you do rent a house, don’t forget to buy groceries in advance.

Be flexible with the ones you are traveling with

When it comes to group travel, the math is simple: if there are 12 people and you’re on vacation for five days, there’s a very good chance that not everyone will get to do what they want to do. The easiest way to solve this is by hearing each other’s opinion. Apply here the majority rules. Also, if it’s an option, divide up. One group can head to the local theme park, while the rest hang by the pool.

Delegate the tasks

Managing the itinerary for a large group—particularly one with children in the mix—is trying at the best of times and the last thing you want to add to your vacation is a lot of stress. Instead, limit big outings or activities to one per day, be it museum trips or a visit to the Blue Lagoon. You can also delegate different tasks to a few people from the group.

Don’t forget to rest

On a similar note, make sure there’s time for resting during the day. Most people in the group will appreciate the chance to do their own thing whether it’s lounging in bed, reading by the pool, or simply getting some quality alone time. Eat breakfast solo, but join up with the group for dinner, or visit an historical site in the morning, but don’t plan anything for the afternoon.

Make the reservations for your group in advance

Need to rent a car? Want adjoining hotel rooms? Make sure you reserve them as early as possible. Reservations are so useful, especially if you want a dinner table for 10 at 7pm on a Saturday. Also, when choosing the groups to travel with it’s very useful to make reservations in advance at a local attraction or historical site and set up a guided tour, hopefully with a group discount rate.

Communication is the key

If your group will be divided up between several cars, or spending the day heading to separate activities, communication is key. Make sure everyone in the party has the full itinerary. Make sure they all know the name of the hotel and have a plan if the group is separated by choice or by accident. Consider setting up a group text or go old school and write up a phone list or some other means of ensuring that the group can stay in touch with each other. Similarly, you can set up a Google Doc with all the hotel or house information, itineraries, grocery lists, phone numbers.

Useful Tips in Choosing the Groups to Travel WithPhoto credit: Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash


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