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The best travel podcasts to get inspired and informed for your next holiday

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The best travel podcasts to get inspired and informed for your next holiday

Thinking of the next holiday destination? Or, you just don’t know where to look for the best travelling options and inspiration? Are you too busy to start looking on different websites and blogs for travelling tips? You don’t have to worry, because you are not the only one in this situation and here’s where podcasts come in. With the help of a good travel podcast, you can stay updated on the newest travel hacks, discover your next bucket-list destination, or daydream about future trips. You can do all these while doing household chores, driving in the car, or even during your workout routine. These best travel podcasts which will help you to get the inspired and informed for your next holiday.

Through these travel podcast you will get inspired by amazing people and you’ll be up to date with the newest travel top destination and tips. Below you can find a list with these podcasts. Make sure you are going to add them to your library and find time to listen! You will only benefit from it!

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Buying plane tickets with miles, never checking a bag, and yes, squirreling away an extra pack of peanuts is part of traveling on a budget. If you love to save a buck, tune into Extra Pack of Peanuts. Travis Sherry interviews nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who will inspire you to set out on your own affordable adventures.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

This REI podcast is hosted by journalist Shelby Stanger and features conversations with people who opted to take the path less traveled. He managed to bring their wildest ideas, goals, and passions to life. On Wild Ideas Worth Living, you’ll hear from athletes like Alex Honnold, environmentalists like Helen Lowman, and everyone in between.

Zero to Travel

In this podcast, Jason Moore and his interviewees dig into the big questions surrounding travel. Why we do it, how we can do it better and some of the feelings it can bring up. In each episode, listeners will hear actionable advice to help you travel better and smarter.

Amateur Traveler

If you’ve got a specific destination in mind, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, host Chris Christensen will guide you through a destination, providing a one-week itinerary of what to see, do, and eat. Thanks to the podcast’s longevity (it started in 2005), the Amateur Traveler has over 600 episodes and destinations waiting to be discovered.

Travel With Rick Steves

Rick Steves is often thought to be the godfather of travel. The American travel writer, author, and television personality has extensively covered worldwide travel. He is often encouraging devotees to explore less touristy destinations and sights in order to experience a country’s true culture. In this weekly podcast, Rick chats with guest experts and callers about culture, people, and all things travel.

JUMP Podcast

Looking for a hefty dose of inspiration? Well, that’s Jackie Nourse’s specialty. The active, adventure-loving host is all about motivating her listeners to get out and see the world. You’ll get plenty of travel advice and are practically guaranteed to finish each episode inspired.

Indie Travel Podcast

This long-running podcast is all about giving listeners boots-on-the-ground advice and information. From how to choose your next travel destination to what to pack in your carry-on, your hosts, Craig and Linda, have you covered.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

There’s nothing like a well-told travel story. Tuning into The Thoughtful Travel Podcast feels like sitting in a room of well-traveled friends as they recount their funniest and hairiest travel stories. Host Amanda Kendle interviews her fellow travel addicts about their travel experiences and digs up some of their best stories.

Flight of Fancy

Travel journalist Ben Groundwater guides listeners through the world of travel in his podcast Flight of Fancy. In each episode, he interviews travel professionals or offers helpful travel tips and cover subject like how to travel without ruining the world and what to do when something goes wrong.

The Offbeat Life

If you’ve ever fantasized about leaving your nine-to-five and living life on the road, you’ll probably want to listen to this podcast. Host Debbie Arcangeles keeps listeners inspired with interviews with other travelers. You will hear them talk about how to make a living while traveling the world.

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