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Travel Should Be Part of Homeschooling – Find Tips to Make It Fun

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Be sure to carve out some time for travel if you’re scrambling to create a homeschool agenda for your kids during this unprecedented time. Although taking the kids in a real adventure trip isn’t possible for the moment, you can add some add in some activities that’ll get their curious brains thinking about people and places around the world between science lessons and algebra equations.

Do you fancy a virtual field trip without traveling?

Now it’s easier than ever to stand atop the Great Wall of China, stroll through the vast galleries inside The Louvre or discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest. Do you wonder how? There are sites like Discovery Education, Kids Activities and We Are Teachers that have rounded up lists of online tours of global museums, national parks and other noteworthy sites. There are many activities you could try out, we will give you just a hint: you could ask each family member to select a field trip, watch it together and you can each propose questions from the material you have watched.

Do you remember the school years and your pen pal? Encourage your child to try the experience

Did you ever exchange letters with a pen pal during your school year? Do you remember how excited you were while expecting for their response? Now the expectation time has drastically decreased and pen pal has modernized its services. It offers a free daily membership in which you can connect with up to three of its more than 2,300,000 members; VIP membership starts at $.10 per day and allows you to reach out to up to 50 members daily.

Find more about the world beyond our Solar System

Thanks to a 360-degree interactive visualizationNASA’s Exoplanet Exploration site lets you visit planets beyond our solar system and imagine what their surface might look like. SLOOH has live streams of the views of ten telescopes around the world in dark sky places like the Canary Islands and Chile as well as streaming and recorded astronomy lessons on YouTube.

Let your kids “plan” your next travel adventure from scratch

Did you plan to give your kids a finance lesson? Now it’s the time to let them shine. You can encourage them to plan your next virtual trip by letting them “book” a vacation. Set a budget and give them access to helpful online tools to book a trip like Google Flights,, Airbnb and Kayak. Take into consideration logistics like ground transportation, visa fees and daily food budget. If your kid’s planning proves to be viable, you can transform the virtual financial plan into a real vacation in the feature. The kid will be round and happy.

Cook an international recipe – prepare for your next travel

Did you know you can find recipe books that could inspire your whole family while celebrating different cultures and their most popular dishes? Eat 2 Explore is a subscription service that teaches families culture through food, with Explorer Boxes containing recipe cards, a shopping list, educational sheets, spice or sauce mixes and tools.

Have a safe journey while staying at home! Don’t forget to enjoy every moment!


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