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Tips that Keep You Safe While Biking

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Cycling allows people to get from one point to another in a fast and cheap way, while they get to enjoy the view. But did you ever think it could also be dangerous? We prepared several biking safety tips that can protect you while you are on your bike.

Make yourself visible

If they can’t see you, drivers cannot avoid you, so you should be as visible as possible. We advise you to buy a two-in-one light that can shine red or white that allows you to attach it to your bike, helmet, body, or clothing. It can be even used with rental bikes. Furthermore, the light will last for up to 10 hours and the great advantage is the fact that it is rechargeable.

Express your actions in advance

You have to communicate your actions to drivers with the hand signals for biking because unlike cars, you don’t have turn signals or brake lights on your bike.

Signals can be hard to see in the dark (and confusing for drivers who might not know what hand signals mean), which is why beryl’s Burner Brake is ingenious. This bright (200 lumens) rear light works just like a car brake light, sensing when you are slowing down and flashing to alert the people behind you. It can be used day or night, and is waterproof and rechargeable.

Items that can help you prevent theft

Did you know that an average of 188,500 bikes are reported stolen each year This is an estimation made by Markel Insurance. Ottolock is a great, lightweight (145 grams) lock that’s compact and easy to carry, and will prevent someone from just walking off with your bike.

The folding lock could be a better choice for heavier security. It will give you a higher level of protection.

Ways to stay clean and comfortable

Fenders that protect you from mud and piddles while you ride are a must if you want to bike to a certain destination in the town. You can find different kinds of fenders on the market, but the cheap versions are not the best. The polycarbonate fenders look better than the plastic ones and are even more effective.

Don’t forget about the helmet

If you don’t like to follow tips, at least keep in mind that the helmet is mandatory. Always wear a helmet while cycling. Your bike helmet should have a sticker indicating that it meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for cycling.

Don’t choose a helmet just for its looks, but for the secret pop-lock that safely locks the helmet to your bike, so I don’t have to carry it around all day.

Do you like cycling during your trips or do you prefer cycling only on routes that you are already familiar with? Do you always pay attention to safety, even when you go on a bike ride during your trips? Share your biking experience with us and don’t forget to also share your best safety practice.


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