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The Advantages of Planning Your Next Trip Way in Advance

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Up until now, meticulous planners had a bad reputation. They didn’t have the ability to be spontaneous and their level of adaptation was at the minimum. Everyone considered them dull. But as we all can see and experience, the times are changing and meticulous planners have a great advantage: they are really good at planning a trip in advance.

Nowadays, we must all become long term planners until the world opens up again (which of course it will) because we live in these unprecedented times of closed borders and travel restrictions, where last-minute flights and impromptu weekend breaks are a fact; and there are some very good reasons to embrace it. Here are some of the benefits of planning a trip way in advance:

You can really save money

Who wouldn’t want a hotel upgrade? Or maybe extra legroom? Or an extra night’s stay. With age, you will find out that a little bit of luxury could take a trip from ‘meh’ to memorable. Remember, the more time you have before you go, the more money you can save for those “treat yo’self” moments.

Planning in advance provides a chance to squirrel away more funds, which can be handy in emergencies although traversing the globe on a few dollars a day can be an enlightening, life-affirming, addictive experience.

Due to the fact that you have extra time on your hands, an advantage you maybe haven’t experienced until now, you can afford to shop around, wait for flash sales and – where it makes sense to do so – book well in advance. You can spread the costs by paying for transport, accommodation and activities over the course of a few months.

Plan the perfect itinerary for your needs

Paid leave is precious. Travel is a privilege. You should consider this secret weapon if you want to squeeze every last drop out of your next adventure: the humble spreadsheet. Plotting out your ideal itinerary, day-by-day, can help you make the most of it when time away is limited.

There are numerous benefits to taking the Excel approach. You can sense-check the pace at which you plan on moving between destinations, factoring in days for traveling from A to B; plan backup options for rainy days; and juggle things around where necessary.

Book in advance popular things you want to experience

Planning your travels well ahead gives you the choice to offers the find sell-out gig and theatre tickets, elusive restaurant reservations and a table for drinks in the trendiest spot in town and furthermore, you could choose the widest choice of accommodation – including those quirky-cool home rentals. You just have to be decided on what you want and when you want it.

Achieve packing perfection

Now you have the gift of time. Take this opportunity to craft the ultimate capsule wardrobe; stock up on (or locate those pesky) adaptors, spare chargers and all the other paraphernalia you usually have to panic buy at the airport; and get your digital life in order.

Enjoy planning your trip in advance, now that you were given the so wanted gift of time.



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