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Many see a family road trip as a source of endless possibilities, new adventures and family bonding, but you shouldn’t forget about the restless children, aching bacs and that annoying, repetitive question: “Are we there yet?” If you decide to take the dog with you, you might feel like you should have better stayed at home. We’ve gathered a list of places where you could have fun with the entire family.

Lake Placid, for New York fans

Did you know that Lake Placid, which is nestled within the Adirondacks hosted the last of the small town Olympics back in 1980? The real attraction of this place is its outdoor beauty, besides the fact that the area attracts world-class athletes for training. Talking about outdoor beauty, you will find lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and dense forest provide a slew of family-friendly activities; from fishing, kayaking, rafting and hiking, to biking and boating. If you are looking for a family retreat, White Pine Camp is one of the few remaining and it offers an abundance of summer camp-like activities that will remind you about your own childhood.

Southern Arizona for cowboy lovers

This is the drive for you if your family has a cowboy/girl at heart! Southern Arizona is the heart of the Southwest. Don’t miss the ol’ west cowboy town of Tombstone with its dusty boots, low-slung six-shooters and a daily re-enactment of the historic OK Corral shootout. You can find Bisbee, a quirky mining town with an enclave of artists and eccentric charm not far from Tombstone.

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg is a perfect mix of hospitality and history. If you do not choose Vicksburg for its historical importance, you should certainly choose it for its musical significance. This legendary Blues Highway runs right through the heart and soul of Vicksburg, while the Great River Road follows the mighty Mississippi River. Antebellum homes, more music and soulful food also welcome you in Vicksburg.

Olympic Peninsula

How else could we describe the Olympic Peninsula if not as a sensory overload? Waterfalls, picturesque shoreline, pristine lakes, mountain views and dense rainforest await you in the northwesterly part of Washington State. Furthermore, the ever-popular Twilight movie franchise was filmed here, so your kids might want to convince you to veer off to Forks.

Traverse City, Michigan

The best things to experience when road tripping around Traverse City? Scenic coastal roads, cobalt blue waters, roadside farm stands and Midwestern charm. The best thing about it is that you could rent some bikes and head down the trails through pumpkin patches, corn mazes, cider houses and orchards. Take pit stops into consideration and you will enjoy the apple and cherry juice for which the region is famous.

South Lake Tahoe

You can find this great mountain town of South Lake Tahoe along the banks of a breathtaking body of water that has inspired artists and outdoor enthusiasts for generations. Whether lacing up hiking boots, snapping in snow boots or renting kayaks for a lazy day on the water, the whole family can take advantage of year-round activities.

Enjoy your moments with family and the beautiful places you will discover!

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