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Prepare for Your Next Outdoor Adventure – Tips on How You Can Get Fit

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If you feel stressed or anxious, outdoor sports can offer a lot of relief. Many of us crave to grind out miles on a stunning ridgeline trail or to track a new route at our favorite crag. We need mental and emotional well-being, not just fitness and fun.

Indoor workouts can feel a little uninspiring if you love to spend time outdoors.

That being said, the outdoor community is offering a ton of creative ways to stay in shape for your favorite outdoor sports right now. Top athletes, influencers and experts are using social media to keep you motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle whatever outdoor adventures await.

Use this motivation to keep an optimistic attitude and dream about the time everything will come back to normal.

Tips for hikers and runners

There are some things you can do at home to maintain your running fitness in case your nearby trail has been closed or your’re responsibly avoiding any potentially crowded paths and trailheads.

“High-intensity interval workouts and Tabata workouts can improve strength, VO2 max, and aerobic strength, which can all really benefit runners,” affirms Yassin Diboun, ultrarunner and co-owner of Wy’east Wolfpack in Portland, Oregon.

Diboun offers a dynamic, 45-minute at-home workout on Youtube, specifically designed for runners. All you’ll need is a mat and a set of dumbbells (if you have them).

Diboun says at-home workouts are good opportunities for runners to focus on the little things, like core work, which can really strengthen your running.

Tips for climbers

Professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian understands your frustration and the fact that you simply hate missing out on sending season. No matter how bigger your frustration is, now it’s not the time to go to the crags, and most climbing gyms are closed.

DiGiulian shared her at home workout for climbers on Instagram, with a focus on cardio, arms and abs. Gear is needed for some of the exercises, including a jump rope and pull up bar, but alternatives are offered for those who don’t have them. The three sets she shares include burpees, high knees, spider planks and more.

Tips for mountain bikers

Do you remember the lower body burn of pushing hard on a single track? We are sure you miss it, but you can still work your legs so they’ll be ready to pedal as soon as you’re able to get back out there, although your bike is taking a vacation.

“Squats are great for keeping your quads strong, and adding weights really helps with the extra push type moves you see in mountain biking,” affirms Kirsten Peterson of Rim Tours in Moab, a mountain biking tour and rental company.

Don’t forget to stretch before and after workouts, as it is an important part of the training.

We home we managed to fill in your time at home with interesting physical activities that will get to be prepared for better times when you will train outdoors.


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