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Live in a Treehouse – Living the Childhood Dream

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We all have our fantasies nourished by our childhood readings, such as Swiss Family Robinson, which made us fantasize about having a cool treetop clubhouse to hang out in like the kids from The Sandlot, or maybe the girls are more triggered by the fairies from Fern Gully. One thing is for sure: There’s something about treehouses that captures the imagination. Here are more treehouses than ever that cater to a grown-up clientele, offering whimsy and luxe amenities to rival your favorite hotels thanks to a lot of creativity from builders and the rise of alternative lodging apps.

There’s a treehouse for everyone no matter where you roam, an alternative to a snowy cabin in Sweden, or rustic romance in Appalachia. Here are eight of the best from Ohio to Brazil.

1. TreeHouse Hotel in Harads, Sweden 

Nordic design is perhaps at its peak in the Tree House Hotel although the Scandinavian design has all but taken over the mainstream system. Located in Sweden, few hotels are as elegantly constructed as the properties onsite at the Tree House Hotel. Having a variety of designs, layouts, and structure types, this collection of treehouses offers a top-notch lodging experience in a remote and beautiful part of Sweden. With names like the Mirror Cube (it looks about like it sounds), the Bird’s Nest (constructed out of branches on its exterior), and the UFO, the tree house accommodations offered here provide all the creature comforts of a luxurious hotel combined with the exhilarating experience of life aloft.

2. Winvian Farm Treehouse in Morris, Connecticut 

Set on the idyllic Winvian Farm in Morris, Connecticut, the 780 square foot tree house is as luxurious as it gets. The luxury accommodation features two levels, one with a private jacuzzi, a king bed, and steam shower, and one with a fireplace, a full bar, and wide open windows featuring the best of the Connecticut landscape and it is set 35 feet above the New England forest floor. If you are lucky enough to enjoy this experience, you will also be invited to dine at a five diamond hotel.

3. The Mohicans Treehouse in Glenmont, Ohio

The Mohicans is a unique collection of seven tree houses in the heart of the Glenmont forest although it is not quite as luxurious as some of the treehouse hotels on our list. The Mohicans is sustainable, being constructed using passive solar, radiant heat, recycled and reused materials and local labor. Hot water is available on demand. While providing guests with top-tier treehouse amenities and access to the unsuspectingly beautiful region of Glenmont, the owners, couple Laura and Kevin Mooney respect the principles of Leave no Trace and other sustainable initiatives.

In Conclusion

If you want to live your childhood dream and live for several nights in a treehouse, the ideas proposed will surely meet your tastes. You will have the chance to fulfill your fantasy while enjoying the adulthood luxury, respecting the sustainability principles all at once. It can also be a great experience for families with kids. It depends on your adventure level.


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