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How to Mentally Dive Into a Good Vacation

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It’s easy to get caught up in fear, confusion, and the never-ending news cycle in stressful times like this global pandemic. What best way to escape it all if not a mentally dive into a good vacation? Everyone needs a reminder that the world will go back to normal again and researching your dream trip will help you take your mind out of negative things, plus, you’ll be really prepared when the time comes to get outdoors and enjoy life. Whether it’s a new type of travel for you (sailing, hiking, trail itineraries, or road tripping) or a destination you’re unfamiliar with, now’s the time to tackle all your wildest travel ambitions.

Here are the dream trips we’re researching while we’re stuck at home, and where to look for the most reliable and up-to-date.

Island Hopping Greece’s Far-Flung Islands

The islands of Greece have the change to take a break from overtourism and you get the change to explore the country’s thousands of islands online to find out which groupings are best for your travel style.

There are the easily accessible Ionian Islands of the north (think Corfu and Zakynthos), more remote North Aegean options near Turkey, and, of course, the famous Cyclades: hard-partying Mykonos and picturesque Santorini included. But you also won’t want to miss their smaller siblings either: Folegandros, Milos, Amorgos, and more are among the lesser-known Cycladic gems. There are many options and each has its advantages and its unique beauty, so choose which one you want to see.

Where to begin to?  Visit Greece’s guide to the Greek Islands. You can download brochures, guides, and maps, and sign up for their newsletter.

The African Safari

Extend your dream trip into areas like Botswana’s Okavango Delta, where you can safari via canoe, or Zambia’s Liuwa Plain, one of the oldest nature reserves on the continent. Try to go beyond the standard South African romp.

Don’t know where to start? African Parks is a 16-park nonprofit organization that advises travelers on up-to-date travel information, including travel advisories and which parks are leading in balancing conservation and tourism. You can find information about visiting each park here, and sign up for their good-news newsletter here.

Did you ever dream about meeting the penguins?

heading to the southernmost continent for untouched beauty and penguins can be the trip of a lifetime so our suggestion will be to bookmark  12 Amazing Ways to Explore Antarctica for when tour companies heading to the icy continent reopen.

Discover Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

many travelers vying for this dream trip during peak season start planning up to a year in advance to ensure they’ll get their ideal hotel during what’s usually the busiest time of year for the country’s tourism as Japan’s cherry blossom festivals were canceled this year.

The best way to familiarize yourself with Japan’s regions and transportation options is the Japan Rail Pass website. It provides cherry-blossom-season information here, including information about the typical timing of peak blooms for different regions and major cities.

Enjoy planning your next trip online and keep your level of optimism up!


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