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Overtourism: a Real Problem in 2019

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Rules for Fighting Overtourism

The year that just ended raised another problem for the travel lovers: the overtourism. It reached the tipping point in high season, especially in the European capitals.

Officials announced radical new measures in cities such as: Rome, Venice and Amsterdam in order to avoid tourist overload and maintain the locals’ level of liveability. They implemented new rules to distribute visitors, to combat bad behaviour and leave this places breath.

New rules seem to be on the horizon for the near future, but for now, we are going to mention just a few things that changed during 2019 in the travelling department matter in the big cities.


If you don’t want to get a fine during your trip in Italy, avoid drinking in the streets, littering, swimming in canals or wading in fountains, walking around shirtless, stealing sand from beaches or eating in front of historic monuments. Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan and Sardinia are the most affected by the rise of tourists’ misconduct and they are ready to impose strict measures.

Rome, for example, receives about 20 million visitors each year and introduced a fine of €250 for those who stay on the Spanish Steps and it also wants to restrict access to the Trevi Fountain.

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Redistributing the visitors became a priority for the Netherlands Tourist Board. They announced in May that it would stop promoting the country as a tourist destination. For 2020, the authorities announced a ban on tour groups in the Red Light District. Also, the “I love Amsterdam” sign was removed as 6000 selfies were taken with this sign every. day

Police is no able to give on the spot fines due to the mobile cards they were issued. Don’t drink alcohol on the streets, avoid public urination or you will get a fine from €95 to €140.

The tourist tax will increase in 2020 for any visitor spending the night in Amsterdam, whether they choose a hotel, a guesthouse or an Airbnb rental.

Paris, France

In 2019 the tourist buses were banned from the city centre and the tourists were encouraged to take the bikes of travel by foot.  Emmanuel Grégoire, Paris’ deputy mayor, said the move is part of measures to curb mass tourism and claimed Parisians are concerned by the influx of these vehicles, which are becoming a nuisance in terms of noise, congestion and pollution.

Disney Parks, USA

New rules were taken after the arrival of Star Wars-themed lands in Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Florida: smoking was banned and therefore smoking areas were created. To ensure that people can leave long queues for a toilet break without losing their place in the line, the authorities implemented the bathroom passes. They may seem as small changes, but they can make a difference on the long run and even a more pleasant experience for the guests.

In conclusion

No matter where you travel, try to be respectful to the places you visit and the people you meet. Inform yourself about the rules imposed by the authorities and don’t break them if you want to have a safe trip.


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