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Things you must know about Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

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Things you must know about Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

Saturnia is an ancient village in the south of Tuscany, Italy in the area known as Maremma and it is well known due to its thermal baths. Even if it is not yet very well commercialized, it has very beautiful places to visit. One of the tourists attraction is Terme di Saturnia. The village is a little out of the way for most tourists but it does have a few good facilities for travellers. There  you can find good hotels and a few good restaurants, gelaterias and cafe around the village.

Short history of the Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

The thermal baths in Saturnia have been around for centuries. The baths are famous because of their health benefits. The Romans built a resting station in the village along Via Clodia mainly because of the thermal baths. During the Middle Ages, Saturnia faced a number of challenges and its importance gradually declined. In the 18th century, Giorgio Santi mentioned Saturnia as a deserted and ruined town. Although the waters of the thermal baths had been used since ancient ages for treatment of rare diseases in animals and men alike, the town was deserted after it was struck by malaria.

The destination nowadays

Nowadays, the village has a very good reputation for its excellent thermal baths, its hot water spring and its good traditional restaurants. Terme di Saturnia is like a large spa in which provides a number of therapeutic treatments to visitors. The waters that flows in the spa are rich in sulphur and have lots of health benefits. The spa offers treatments for several types of digestive system ailments like constipation, obesity and gastric problems. It treats diseases of throat and nose and arthritis in several forms.

The waters of the spa could treat different types of skin diseases like eczema, acne, allergies, dermatitis and almost all other types of skin ailments. The thermal waters have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and they also have therapeutic and relaxing properties. The Cascate del Mulino are probably the most famous natural springs in Tuscany. They are open to the public and free throughout the entire year.

Saturnia and its thermal springs are certainly another gem of in the treasure that the Maremma offers. Also, the wild nature and history melts perfectly, making Tuscany the perfect destination for your holidays in Italy! If you want to know how to prepare for your visit, then there you can find some useful tips.

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