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The Most Appreciated Forests on Instagram

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In case you are looking for inspiration for your social media channels and you like nature posts, you’ll be more than happy to find out that a new report has established the most Instagrammable forests around the world. In today’s article, you will find out the most social media-worthy places to visit.

The Black Forest – the winner

The big winner is the Black Forest in Germany. Did you know that it has 1,489,943 hashtags placing it more than seven times ahead of its nearest rival? Due to its unspoilt beauty and diversity, mountainous terrain, waterfalls and the Danube River, the dark, dense forest offers endless photo opportunities.

The Amazon Rainforest

Famous for its towering trees, extensive wildlife and awesome river, the Amazon rainforest in Brazil occupies the second place. Visitors can enjoy canoeing through a flooded forest and see over 16.000 tree species and 390 billion individual trees. They can doze in a hammock on a boat chugging upriver and waking to the otherworldly cry of howler monkeys. As for Instagrammability, it came second, with 197,615 hashtags.

Sherwood Forest

The third place is occupied by the Sherwood Forest in England, with 142,011 hashtags. Since the 2018 opening of its new visitor centre, it’s a major destination for visitors. Did you know that it is also home to the legendary Robin Hood?

Fourth Place – Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest/Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan came fourth with 83,821 hashtags. The bamboo grove is one of Kyoto’s top sights and the country’s environment ministry considers it a part of the soundscape of Japan. There’s a strange quality to the light at this famous bamboo grove and the thick green bamboo stalks seem to continue endlessly in every direction.

The Fifth Place – Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest in Malaysia is the most atmospheric hiking destination in the highlands and it came in fifth place with 64,564 hashtags. A jungle boardwalk starts near the entrance, but several adventurous trails run deeper into the forest.

Romania has also some of the most incredible forests to explore and they should enter the leaderboard in the future.

Cozia Forest, Romania

Cozia Forest is a surprising gem of nature, being one of the most beautiful forests of Romania. The place seems to come alive in the visitor’s eye being sprinkled with high trees whose roots seem to extend endlessly and dry leaves that form a natural carpet. a natural shelter for the precious fauna and flora is created by beech, oak, and birch trees. You can discover it by following the marked trail that goes from Turnu Monastery to Cozia Chalet through the wondrous forest.

Nera Springs Forest, Romania

The Nera Springs Forest is an impressive expanse of beech trees filled with serenity, part of the Cheile Nerei-Beușnița Natural Reserve and one of Romania’s virgin forests and among the last of Europe. Old and young beech trees, some more than 50 meters tall and more than 1.3 meters in diameter, blend in picturesque woods. Marvellous scenes of wild nature are created by impressive trees, fluffy moss, colourful mushrooms and small mountain rivers that flow through the forest.


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