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Teach Your Children About the World from Home

HomeTipsTeach Your Children About the World from Home

You don’t need to think about finances when trying to teach your child about the world. You can do that from the comfort of your house. Of course, the fun effect won’t be maximum, but this way your finances will be safe and your kids will have a great time learning about their environmental impact and the world’s wonders.  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” as Marcel Proust said. We prepared several family “adventures from home” that will leave no carbon footprint.

Look over fact books and atlases

Fiction is a fantastic way to take kids on a journey to faraway places whether we think about Dr Seuss, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and beyond. But nothing beats a really good atlas or factbook in terms of properly learning about the world. You can find this kind of beautifully-illustrated, carefully-researched and well-designed children’s non-fiction treasures to any bookstore.

Your child might already be accustomed with this kind of experience from a young age if he had Usborne’s Lift the Flap Picture Atlas, while older kids might be more familiar to children’s version of Prisoners of Geography. Maps is another one to treasure with detailed pages of cultural information overlaid onto regional maps. family travel bloggers at ytravelblog have put together 12 suggestions for books about maps for kids if you are looking for more ideas. 

It’s time to get creative and develop our crafty side

Toddlers exploring new lands in cardboard boats, younger children fashioning landmarks with play dough, wooden bricks or Lego, and tweens and teens making laser cut models or 3D puzzles from kits; there are ways to create something fun together which tells them a bit more about the world no matter the age of your kids.

Culinary tours – loved by both kids and adults

Is there a better way to get to know another culture than through its food? Bring the world’s new tastes in your kitchen if you can’t get the first-hand experience. Children will be very excited about helping you in the kitchen as this process involves lots of fun and mess. There are kids cookbooks you can get your inspiration from, or you could just follow the BBC show My World Kitchen where children from different countries show you how to make a typical dish.

Dance and sing in different languages

Put on some tunes from around the world and have a dance. Luckily for you we’ve got just the playlist to get your family started on their global musical tour. You could also pick a country you want to visit and teach yourselves a dance using a bit of inspiration from YouTube.

Use the TV in your advantage

There’s no denying that children can accumulate a lot of knowledge by watching and playing on screens although we know we should be avoiding too much screen time for our kids. Think of Indiana Jones and the Middle East, Frozen and Scandinavia, Ratatouille and ParisRio and Rio de Janeiro, to name but a few.

Have fun while learning from the comfort of your home!


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