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Recharge your Batteries in These Wellness Retreats

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Did you have a slow start of the rear? Did Christmas derail your healthy habits? It’s time to find a detox or a wellness retreat to reset your inner switch and start an energetic 2020.

Here are top destinations you will surely enjoy:

  1. Mountain Trek, Canada – for boot-camp lovers

It’s more about invigorating exercise than it is about catching more z’s in this Canadian mountainside retreat. If you’re a boot-camp lover, you will enjoy dawn starts and crisp mountain air as the team attempt to deliver you to optimal health.

Alexander Timmons, owner of the resort says:  “Mountain Trek is hard but it works.” “It’s not a week-long vacation; it’s an experience that changes the rest of your life.”

Travel and Leisure have recently voted Mountain Trek as the top health retreat in the US and Canada as it boasts the highest guest success rates of any health retreat. You can do sunrise yoga overlooking a lake, guided alpine hikes through the snowy peaks of British Columbia, spa treatments and even go on a dietary regime.

2. Euphoria, Greece – for your mental wellbeing

A day or two spent in Euphoria, Greece, will help your blood pressure go down, your posture will straighten and you will get a lot of positive endorphins.

The founder of this retreat, Marina Efraimoglou, was forced to rethink her life after a cancer diagnosis and this is how she got the idea to open this place. Everything in this dream retreat is based on the five elements of ancient Greek philosophy: water, air, fire, metal, and wood. They all lay the foundation for healing and spiritual development.

In order to devise an appropriate meal and exercise plan for you, the wellness practitioners use a pinprick blood test – a sort of physiological scanning. The aim is to become your own healer, as Marina says. You can visit this place even though you don’t buy into spirituality. You can enjoy the spa in the pine forest, the yoga classes, outdoor pools, and the blue Greek sky.

3. Little French Retreat, France – Great for Self-Reflection

If you want to focus on cleansing, physical movement and relaxation, this charming country house in the rural area of Gascony are just perfect for you.

In order to overcome her grief and refocus her life, Tamsin Chubb ditched a high-flying corporate career and moved in her late mother’s home in rural France. She is now a yoga instructor and together with an Ayurvedic cook and an interior designer created a space that accommodates guests’ all-round health.

You won’t find a five-star sprawling wellness resort here, but a “space to see and think clearly, to re-examine current habits and reset their course” through thoughtfully balanced programmes: it’s intimate and personal with “no ego, standards or expectations” says Tamsin.

The food is a combination of Ayurvedic principles with a French twist, all made with organic local ingredients. If you wonder what kind of activities you can do here, you’ll be happy to find out there are programmes, which range from beginner’s yoga to seasonal Ayurvedic cleansing, mountain hiking, sunset meditation and workshops. All the activities are designed to reset your inner switch.

“It’s a very open, non-judgmental atmosphere,” says Chubb. “You don’t need a new yoga outfit, or even an expensive mat, just an open mind and a willingness to learn. All the health benefits will follow.”

Boost your mind and soul and have a wonderful 2020.



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