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Real-life Locations You Can Visit From Netflix’s The Irishman

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The Irishman, an epic crime drama by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, dropped on Netflix last week.  The film tells the story of ill-fated union leader Jimmy Hoffa, and has an all star cast of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino.

Below, find eight places in Pennsylvania and New York featured in The Irishman that you can visit in real life.


Villa di Roma

Serving as a swank meeting spot for Sheeran and his crime family cohorts, Villa di Roma is a quintessential red gravy Italian joint located in South Philly. While the restaurant was recreated in Queens, New York, you can visit the real-life version, first opened in the city’s historic Italian Market in 1963. Order a heaping plate of baked ziti or spaghetti with clams. (It’s cash only, with an ATM on site.) 936 S 9th Street, Philadelphia. 

Friendly Lounge

Early scenes of the film take place at the Friendly Lounge, where Sheeran meets hitman Felix “Skinny Razor” DiTullio, played by Bobby Canavale. DiTullio opened the lounge, also located in South Philadelphia, in the mid-50s, and though it’s less glitz and more dive bar these days, with $4 bottles of local beer Yuengling and vinyl stools, the same black and white sign hangs above the door. 1039 S 8th Street, Philadelphia. 

The Schuylkill River

After Sheeran finishes his first mob hit, he drops his gun into the Schuylkill River, which borders the city’s west side. The river becomes his place of choice to dump weapons, and he notes, “if they ever sent divers down there, they’d be able to arm a small country.” For a nicer view of the river, check out a section of the Schuylkill River Trail. The 30-mile path is popular with joggers and bikers, and winds past beautiful Boathouse Row, a National Historic Site. 1 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia. 

Melrose Diner

Mobster Whispers DiTullio, played by actor Paul Herman, asks Sheeran to burn down Cadillac Linen Service in a booth at the Melrose Diner. The South Philly classic has been a neighborhood staple since 1935, serving burgers and slices of apple pie 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 1501 – 1527 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia. 

New York

Umberto’s Clam House

Mob boss Russell Bufalino sends Sheeran to Manhattan to take out Joseph “Crazy Joe” Gallo, played by stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, after the Colombo crime family gangster insulted Bufalino. The hit happens at Umberto’s Clam House in Little Italy. Though the original restaurant—home to the brazen killing in 1972—shut down in the late ‘90s, a new Umberto’s popped up a few doors down, serving the same plates of pasta and seafood. 132 Mulberry Street, New York. 

Van Nest Bowling Alley

This retro, Bronx-based bowling alley has been a filming location before, including for Men in Black III. In The Irishman, Sheeran takes his family on an outing to the lanes with Bufalino. Dating back to 1960, the bowling alley hasn’t changed much—it still has the same wooden lanes and manual, hand-printed score keeping. 1756 Bronxdale Ave, The Bronx, New York. 

Bronx County Courthouse

Just two blocks away from Yankee Stadium, the stately Art Deco building (designed in 1931) was the backdrop for scenes of Hoffa’s trial. Featuring artwork like a frieze by Charles Keck, sculptures by George Holburn Snowden, and murals by James Monroe Hewlett depicting historical events in the borough, the building’s interior and exterior have also been a filming site for TV shows like Billions, Daredevil, and Gotham. 851 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, New York. 

Weir’s Ice Cream

North of Manhattan, in New York’s Hudson Valley, one scene takes place at a charmingly old-school ice cream shop. Jimmy Hoffa, played by Al Pacino, buys Sheeran’s daughter a hot fudge sundae, while the whole crew eats their dessert at picnic tables in the Weir’s Ice Cream parking lot. Dating back to 1956, the seasonally opened spot serves banana splits, homemade scoops, and Italian ice. 2159 NY-94, Salisbury Mills, New York. 

Did you like Irishman? Would you visit these places?


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