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Prepare the Budget for a Big Trip

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Preparing the budget for a big trip may get some people very excited, while other are really stressed out by this important step. Budgeting is important because no one wants to run out of money in the middle of the trip. We prepared several tips that will help you respect the budget and visit all the destinations on your big trip list.

  1. Make a budget for major transportation

Travelling by airplane can be really expensive, that’s why you should start your search a lot in advance. After your search is complete, you can make an estimate of the cost and you will know how much you have left for the other aspects of your trip.

2. Make a budget for other transportation

Once you arrive at the destination, you will surely need another means of transportation. Public transportation is a great option in most cases because it’s inexpensive and it gives you a more local perspective. A simple search on the internet for public transportation in the city you’re going to should lead you to how much tickets cost. Taxi could be another option to get to your destination.

3. Make a budget for the accommodation

The budget will depend on your accommodation preferences, whether it’s hotels, hostels or guesthouses, apartment rentals, etc. Our advice is to read the reviews beforehand and to take them into consideration if you don’t want to encounter unexpected surprises that could ruin your trip. You don’t have to pick your place from the planning stage, but you should be aware of the lodging costs.

4. Make a budget for food

Food cost is usually the hardest to predict. It will surely depend on the area you are travelling to. If you’re traveling to western Europe, Australia or New Zealand, eating out will probably cost you approximately the same as it does in the US or Canada, maybe even a little bit more. If you’re going to South America or Southeast Asia, it should be cheaper in most cases.

If you want to save money, try looking for hotels that offer breakfast or apartment rentals where you can find a kitchen and cook yourself.

5. How can I keep cash safe when I’m travelling?

Carrying your money in a few forms and in a few different places is always good idea. Diversify your money so you hold a little cash, a credit card and an ATM card. Although there are good ATM locators for Visa, Mastercard and other major credit card providers, you’ll find that they can break down, run out of cash or otherwise fail just when you need to pay that slightly creepy taxi driver.

Don’t underestimate cash! It is still king. As you’re walking along, you should have a small amount of money for small things.

Have a safe trip and don’t forget to budget your trip, either you like it or not.


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