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Not Just a Dream Trip – Make the Dream a Reality

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Make 2020 the best travelling year

Fight for your dream and make it a reality. The new year is just around the corner and now it’s the time to plan your next trip for the destinations you were long dreaming about.

Start with a Montenegro trip

Have you ever heard of Montenegro before? If not, you’re not the only one, but you should really find time to visit this beautiful destination. It has gorgeous national parks, over 120 beaches and a great scenery appreciated by renowned film producers. You will have a lot to discover in this tiny Balkan country: from glacial lakes, medieval villages to wonderful mountain regions.

Don’t miss the Portuguese Riviera

Portuguese Riviera has already won its reputation through the years and it is considered a hot destination, especially because of its affordable prices. The affordable prices include the room rates, transportation, food, etc. This aspect places the Portuguese Riviera high on the dream trip list.

The area is accessible via car or train from Lisbon, a great opportunity to mix the vacation with a capital city visit.

Cruise along the France’ Canals

The airline routes have become more affordable, the rate with Euro is favorable, so France expects you in 2020. Also, starting June, you will have new flying options from Level and French Bee: non stop flights to Nice from New York City.

If you don’t like crowds, try avoiding France during summer. We recommend you travel spring (from April to June). Also, you might find France really romantic in autumn.

If you already had the chance to explore Paris, take a dreamy barge cruise.

Trip to Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Have you long wanted to go for a cheap, tropical vacation? Riviera Nayarit, in Mexico may be the spot for you. Although many of the beaches destinations are crowded and really pricey, you will find that Riviera Nayarit is a beautiful place, not very crowded, with inexpensive flights from major US airports.

Passionate about culture? Visit Laos

Are you passionate about Asia, especially Southeast Asia? Laos is the right fit for you. We are sure you know more about Thailand and Vietnam, being more on a spotlight, but Laos is nearby and it is dreamy, cheap and exotic, a beautiful region just waiting to be discovered.

The overall costs are affordable, so a trip to Laos can become real. It is cheaper than Bangkok or than other popular touristic areas such as Luang Prabang.

If you’re fleeing from the U.S. the cheapest flights to Laos are from Chicago. You may even find flights for under $500.

Trip to Greater Zion, Utah

A national park pass which costs $80 annually and it allows you to experience freely Zion National Park. Add Kolob Terrace, a less visited area to your list. You won’t regret it.

Find freedom (and affordability) in mountain biking or hiking along the area’s seemingly endless trails. Save on accommodations by camping or staying at budget hotel brands like Holiday Inn or La Quinta in the areas of St. George, Hurricane, and Springdale.

Make 2020 a year to remember! Try new things and visit new places!


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