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New Year’s Traditions You May Find Odd

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New Year’s Eve is celebrated all around the world. We meet our families and friends, spend a nice time together, make new year’s resolution and always wish for a better year. Besides spending time with our loved ones, there are unique traditions embraced by different countries. Some are superstitions, some are traditions. We are going to present them in this article and you can choose your favorite for the year to come.

Spanish tradition – eating grapes at midnight

During the countdown, Spanish people use to eat grapes, one for each chime of the clock. Each grape represents one month of the new year. “You begin with the hope things will be better,”. This tradition became popular in Romania too.

Make a wish on an empty suitcase

Latin American countries are very fond of traditions and superstition and hopeful travelers may take them as an inspiration. Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico are the most prolific ones. It is believed that taking an empty suitcase taken for a walk around the block, or just an empty suitcase left by the door will increase you travelling chances for the next year. Some may find this tradition a bit odd, but if you want to travel by all means, you could give it a try.

Throwing things down the window – Italy tradition

Italians like to throw thinks down the window for New Year’s Eve. They throw chucking dishware, appliances, and sometimes even furniture. As you may have guessed, this act symbolizes getting rid of the past, old troubles and welcome hope for a new year.

Wearing new underwear – Brazilian tradition

Brazilians have a dress code for the New Year’s Eve. They wear white and also, they wear new underwear. Furthermore, the color of the underwear represents the things you want to attract in the new year: yellow for money, green for health, and red for love.

Breaking dishes – not just a Greek tradition

Greeks are well known for this tradition, but in some countries, it also involves breaking plates against the neighbor’s door. It is said to be a sign of good luck in countries such as: Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands. The more broken glass pieces you have on your door, the luckier you will get.

Ringing the bell 108 times

This tradition is especially known in Buddhism and it is believed there are 108 earthly desires that cause suffering. The bells rings 108 times on New Year’s Eve, one for each desire. This ritual is called Joya-no-Kane, it’s all about purification and encouraging a fresh start for the new year.

Eating Seven Times

You must have an empty stomach to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Estonia. It is said that eating that often will bring abundance the year to come. Seven is the lucky number for Estonia.

Hitting the Walls with Bread

This is an Irish tradition. They said this New Year’s habit will help you get rid of the bad spirits. The Irish will smack the walls and bang on the doors with bread to chase out the bad and welcome in the good spirits.

Which tradition do you like? Which one seems the oddest?


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