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Is Slow Traveling for You?

HomeTipsIs Slow Traveling for You?

Would you like to change pace, slow life down and spend every day with your family? If your answer is yes, slow traveling is definitely something you should try.

Slow travel really means just taking it easy, planning the as you go. If you love a certain place, you stay as long as you like and if you donțt like it, you spontaneously plan the next trip. In case you get sick you can visit the closest local clinic and hunker down wherever you are until you are well again, without having to worry of missing bookings or needing to move on to stick to an itinerary.

The benefits of slow traveling

You get to form a stronger connection to the place you’re visiting

You’ll feel much less rushed when you travel slowly and this allows you to form a stronger connection to the place you’re visiting. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in one place long enough to recognize your neighbors, shop in the local markets, and pick a favorite coffeehouse and you won’t experience the stress of attempting to knock out every site in your guidebook. Slowing down in other countries not only allows you to escape your own stressful day-to-day life but also to slip naturally into the pace of another culture.

It’s a friendly attitude towards the environment

While airplanes have been pinpointed as major contributors to global warming, trains are a much more eco-friendly alternative—as are bikes and, of course, your own two feet! And even traveling by car becomes less damaging to the environment when you’re only driving short distances.

It’s an advantage for your budget

Your transportation costs are reduced when you stay in one place for a week or more at a time. Vacation rentals allow you to cook your own food instead of eating out for every meal, therefore they are more cost-efficient than hotels. You’ll save even more if you choose a home exchange instead.

The best destinations for slow travel

Europe is the most popular destination for slow travelers because vacation rentals are plentiful, public transportation systems are efficient, historic attractions are relatively close together, and English is widely spoken.

However, slow travel is a mindset, not a destination—and with a little planning, you can do it almost anywhere.

In conclusion

Although slow traveling is a great adventure and experience, it’s not for everyone. You may find a more laid-back pace of life frustrating or dull if packing a lot of sightseeing into each day makes you feel excited and energized. And while “there’s always another trip” is the unofficial motto of slow travel, we recognize that this isn’t the case for all travelers, particularly those on a tight budget.


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