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How to Work From Home – Piece of Advice from Travel Editors

HomeTipsHow to Work From Home - Piece of Advice from Travel Editors

Travel editors are accustomed to working remotely on a regular basis. Many travel editors have been working successfully from home for some years already. They can even give you several tips to help you cope with this work from home period and make it a productive one.

It’s time to improve your home working space

If possible, separate the working area from other activities and create a designated space for working from home. The laptop screen might be tiresome for your eyes if you work long hours, so buying a computer monitor could help. There are also some other gadgets that could make your working life easier: a wireless mouse, a laptop stand or even wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Avoid the trap of overworking

It’s easy to let work seep into the rest of your time when you’re living and working in the same space. Try to maintain regular work hours at home to preserve balance. Give yourself that flexibility while also trying to preserve a basic workday structure so that you leave yourself time to recharge in these challenging times if you’re simultaneously balancing other responsibilities (kids home from school, elaborate preparations for trips to the grocery store, etc.).

Take short, effective breaks

Your body or your brain won’t function well if you sit in the same place for a long period of time. Not taking enough effective breaks is the main cause of work-from-home burnout. short breaks taken throughout the workday (five to 15 minutes) have been known to increase productivity, concentration, and creativity although you might see them as being counterintuitive. If you are work-oriented and forget to take breaks, set an alarm clock regularly to remind you it’s time to disconnect. Stand up and stretch. Refresh your water glass. Put a load of laundry in. Exercise. Reward yourself with a healthy snack after an hour or two of solid work. Your brain and body will thank you for your care.

Don’t start work as soon as you wake up

Try to slowly ease into your workday if you can. Give yourself an hour or two of “me time” instead of immediately logging on to Slack and checking emails and social media outlets. Meditate, take a walk, or soak in the tub with a cup of coffee. Share breakfast with your family if you’re isolated together.

Make achievable plans

If you don’t make an honest evaluation of your work ethic your productivity might falter because at home you have fewer restrictions. Are you easily distracted? Don’t set up your workspace near a TV where there’s a temptation to quickly finish that Netflix episode you fell asleep to the night before, (and no, muting the TV is not a workaround, no matter how much you talk yourself into it). Addicted to updates? Avoid logging in or opening up apps until the end of the workday unless your role directly relies on social media refreshes. It’s easy to be seduced into scrolling through your phone without needing to be stealthy with no office mates over your shoulder.

Hope are tips came in handy and you have a productive schedule working at home.


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