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Hotels Thefts – The Most Stolen and the Most Bizarre Items

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Wellness Heaven, a German-based website that publishes reviews of luxury hotels and spas in Europe and Asia conducted a pole on 1100 luxury hotels to find out what thefts usually steal and what are the most bizarre stolen items.

Here are some of the most stolen objects from hotels:


Towels are the most common good to fall prey to thieving guests with 77.5% of hotels surveyed reporting them being stolen

Cutlery: Nearly 34% of hotels surveyed said that forks, knives and spoons get swiped from rooms.

Pens: It might be surprising to learn that only 39.1% of hotels reported pens being taken.

Hangers: No one wants wrinkled clothes when traveling. Maybe that’s why 49.3% of hotels reported their closets getting stripped of hangers.

Bathrobes: Like with cosmetics, German and British lodgers are most likely to keep bathrobes as souvenirs. More than 65% of hotels surveyed have had robes stolen.

The most-bizarre items stolen:

A showerhead, toilet seat and entire sink, which went missing from a Berlin hotel;

a grand piano that was liberated from an Italian hotel lobby;

pine sauna benches from a hotel in Austria;

a set of room numbers taken from a hotel room door in England.

Who would have thought there are people who need room numbers so badly?

The link between nationality and thefts

People of various nationalities seem to prefer different kind of items. Americans and the Dutch seem to be more practical, with a tendency to make off with items like pillows, batteries, toilet paper and light bulbs. Germans and Brits are more likely to prefer towels, bathrobes, cosmetics and toiletries.

Italians prefer wine glasses and Swiss hotel guests are more into hair dryers. And Austrians were known to say “mein!” when it came to coffeemakers. The French seemed to like flat-screens, making off with TVs and remote controls.

The link between the number of stars and the stolen items

The poll also revealed that 5 stars guests are more likely to steel high-end technology. They were nine times more likely to take high-end TVs and five times more likely to help themselves to art. There are even guests who take the mattresses. Hoteliers reported that guests will attempt to smuggle the mattresses down in the elevators directly to their car, under the cover of nighttime.

Guests at 4 stars hotels were more attracted by towels and bathrobes.

In conclusion

As all of us know, luxury hotels allow their guests to buy different luxury items, such as bathrobes, cosmetics, toiletries, so if you like one particular item, you can buy it anytime.


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