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Cheap Flights for This Spring

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Have you had enough of winter and do you expect the spring to start your traveling adventures? The spring months are seen to be the most underrated months of the year to find an airfare deal because of the college kids and families flock to price-gouged beach destinations for spring break.

Some far-flung locales are surprisingly cheap compared to how much the journey cost just last year, thanks to new air routes and changing travel trends.

We’ve made a list of the cheapest places to fly this spring:

The Maldives

Spring pricing data from KAYAK shows that the Maldives is one of the cheapest places to fly this spring whether your thinking about the honeymoon or a bucket-list beach adventure. The site is showing a price drop of 19 percent from the same period last year, with a price of $957. So you can spend that extra money on an overwater bungalow of your dreams.


Montana is more accessible than ever thanks to new flight routes direct to Glacier National Park and nearby Yellowstone. Ricky Radka says affirms: “This season more carriers are taking to the Big Sky and introducing new routes to the great state of Montana,”. “From JetBlue’s newly introduced seasonal service (starting April 28) to Bozeman from New York and Boston to increased Billings connections from American and Alaska, domestic carriers are looking to strike it rich in the Treasure State this year.”

South Africa

Daniel Burnham, flight searcher at Scott’s Cheap Flights affirms: “Flights to South Africa have been more competitive than ever since United launched the first nonstop flight between Newark and Cape Town at the end of 2019,”. South Africa is on sale for safari seekers thanks to fare wars and a cash-strapped national airline.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is courting visitors since losing lots of tourism to last year’s negative press surrounding a slew of tourist incidents. Three of its cheapest places to fly internationally this spring are in the D.R.: Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, and Puerto Plata fares are all showing around 10 percent drops in median airfare compared to last year according to Kayak. 

Helsinki, Finland

Don’t overlook little-known Finland as one of this spring’s cheapest places to fly if Nordic cuisine and spring skiing are more your pace. According to Skyscanner, airfares to Finland’s waterfront capital are down 27 percent for March and 34 percent for April.

Athens, Greece

According to Skyscanner, Athens flights are on sale for both March (20 percent down) and April (10 percent down). The Greek capital shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s turning into one of Europe’s newest cheap-flight hubs. Furthermore, the airline will even pay for your hotel if you opt for a free stopover with Turkish Air. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America flights via Buenos Aires make Argentina by far one of the cheapest places to fly for a spring vacation. According to Skyscanner, the average round-trip fare is down a whopping 28 percent for May—making it the search site’s top international deal for that month.

Where would you rather travel this spring: sunny Maldives or Nordic Helsinki?


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