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Can A Trip With Kids Be Romantic?

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Is romance off-limits once you have children? It depends on your approach, but one thing is sure: you need to work harder to make it happen and this tip goes for when you’re traveling too.

It’s still possible to sneak a little honeymoon vibe into your family trip, even though a willing babysitter is a distant fantasy, or you just don’t fancy leaving the kids at home while you jet off to exotic climes.
Here are some tips that may help you and your lover.

It’s all about the destination

The destination is the key. Choose one that looks and feels romantic. One thing is sure: the kids may still have tantrums, but strolling along a jaw-dropping white sand beach, or the streets of a beautifully disheveled Mediterranean city will help take the edge off.

A Disney cruise might be a better option to keep the kids busy, but you wouldn’t want to spend your time near cartoon characters, or worse: strangers’ children.

Rent a spacious apartment

It’s important kids get their room and you and your partner another room. It’s the only way to not spend the evening in semi-darkness, tiptoeing around in silence for fear of waking them up. If your budget isn’t big enough for a whole apartment, try renting a room with a terrace so you can have some quiet time together while the kids are asleep.

Bring the grandparents with you

When was the last time you popped out of the house on a whim for a quick drink? When was the last time you went on a romantic, sandy picnic? If you don’t remember, it’s time to involve the grandparents. Bring them for the ride and you can remind yourself.

It will be a win-win situation: your kids get to spend quality time with grandma and grandpa, and you get to spend quality time out on the town with your other half. This way you won’t need to book a babysitter in advance, so spontaneous walks on a beach will be back on the table for you too. Who knows? Maybe you get to rest for a little bit.

Keep the kids busy and entertained

You can relive your child-free days by sightseeing unencumbered, enjoying lunch by the sea while your kids are led on a treasure hunt. How is that possible? Due to the kids’ club. There are often trained babysitters available in case your children are too young for a kids club.

Did you know that there are even hotels that offer baby listening services enabling you to go out for a romantic dinner after putting the kids to bed? It’s less creepy than it sounds.

Take advantage of the nap time

Having children who are young enough to nap is an added bonus when trying to ramp up the romantic atmosphere. Location is key here too. No one wants to be stuck in a hotel room watching a baby sleep, so book digs with some outside space, preferably with swoon-inducing surrounds.

In conclusion, there are ways to make your trips with the kids a romantic one, but you’ll have to be resourceful and choose the right destination.

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