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Travel steps after pandemic period

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Travel steps after pandemic period

Travel has been hit hard by the current coronavirus pandemic. Wherever you are living right now, most likely you are unable or unwilling to travel. Not to mention the fact that the flights are operating with decreased frequency. The only thing that seems to be getting through all the closed borders and travel bans right now is the virus itself.

Even if we are facing this situation created by the pandemic, travel is not completely dead. People are still traveling but hopefully only for essential-only purposes. You have to be aware that when regular travel returns it’s likely to come back in stages and it may not look exactly like we remember.

Many people are wondering: from where do we start traveling and what would be the travel steps after pandemic that must be taken into consideration? This is a common question given the situation we are facing right now, and this question should also be answered. Below we suggest a few travel steps that you should have in mind when planning your next vacation after pandemic.

Start with domestic and overland travel

We must admit that so far it has’t been a better time to start traveling across our country. In fact, over a quarter of polled Fodor’s readers said they’d immediately start traveling domestically when we’re able to. That should make you think about the tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Maybe it is the right time to check on the internet and your local websites and start working on a travel bucket list in order to make achievable this travel step after pandemic.

Find ways to avoid contact with too many people

First of all, you could start travel with your family and your close friends. This travel step after pandemic could mean trips or getaways where you could enjoy the beauty of nature. For instance, you can start visiting national and state parks or other locations where you don’t have to risk staying in busy hotel rooms, hanging in crowded public spaces, or traveling on cramped planes. All this should mean less air travel and fewer longer-distance rail trips, and more walking, cycling, and driving. Again, it is a great opportunity to exercise more and re-think about the mean of transport you will choose in the future.

Stay informed about the international travel status

If you are willing to book an international holiday, make sure you are well informed about the traveling restrictions. Set your sights on destinations that had little or no trouble with coronavirus, or places with stellar recovery rates. There’s only one problem, depending on how soon this happens: the destinations may not want you there. The fear is real and not unfounded. Remember this travel step and check this information before planning your next trip.

Briefly, whatever you are going to choose, make sure you and the people around you are going to stay safe. Be aware of your actions and always stay informed with the recommendations of the authorities. This is a great time to be spent with your loved ones and also plan your next vacations beside them!


Stay safe!


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