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Osaka’s Futuristic New Capsule Hotel Features A Relaxation Lounge

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New Capsule Hotel in Osaka

A new capsule hotel has opened in the heart of Osaka city that transports visitors into a futuristic world. Featuring a minimalist design, visitors climb into single pods with special ambient lighting at bedtime. It also includes a special “sanitary lounge” where travelers can kick back and relax after they have bathed and showered.

Called 9h (nine hours) Capsule Hotel, the new opening is located in the neighbourhood of Namba, a bustling transportation hub where many of the area’s main train stations are situated – making it a good choice for travellers wishing to venture onwards to the likes of Tokyo or Kyoto.

Futuristic Pods

The company already has chains in other locations across Japan, including Narita Airport, Sendai, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and with the first location having been opened in 2009, its name has become well known for the unique capsule hotel experience. The latest offering has a simple design and makes guests feel as if they have wandered into a stylish spaceship.

The main feature is, of course, the capsules – futuristic pods that act as tiny rooms for single sleeping occupants. Inside they are simple, with a pillow, a mattress and a duvet, as well as a “sleep ambient” control system for mood lighting.

The Sanitary Lounge

9h Namba Station also has a new configuration to its layout that sees the locker room, showers, toilet and wash areas all being combined into one large space – which the hotel calls “the sanitary lounge” – to promote a relaxed feeling in the guests as they use the facilities.

If you’re the type of traveller who packs light, you’ll like the back-to-basics approach, as guests can find bath towels, face towels, lounge-wear and toothbrushes in assigned lockers, while necessities such as shampoo and soap are provided in the showers. Visitors can store their belongings in these lockers, with oversized luggage being checked at reception.

More information on 9h Capsule Hotels is available at the official website.


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