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How to Save Money for Your Next Trip

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Do you intend booking that bucket-list trip, only to find your pockets don’t run as deep as you had hoped? Don’t despair, as 2020 brings lots of ways to save money, depending on your creativity. One thing is sure: you can find a cheap trip and save money.

Try Loyalty Programs

Toronto-based financial and travel expert Barry Choi says: “It may seem tedious, but it’s worth joining every loyalty program you can find,”. Most hotel loyalty programs will instantly give you early check-in just for signing up and you can earn points with airlines as long as you’re a loyalty member, according to Choi. For example, Expedia gives holidaymakers two points for every £1 spent on flights, hotels, cars, packages and things to do.

Some credit cards offer generous sign-up bonuses too. Choi affirms: “If a bonus is worth at least US$200, it’s a good card,”. “You may also consider a credit card that doesn’t charge the standard 2.5% fee when buying abroad. It may not sound like a lot but 2.5% certainly adds up over time.”

Get all the needed info about the low-cost flights

it’s worth considering whether you really need that priority boarding, extra legroom or seat selection, which can vastly inflate the overall price of your journey so don’t get lured by the promise of low-cost flights.

Setting aside ‘fun money’ from alternative sources to cover some additional travel frills is a recommendation made by Nick Ewen, Senior Editor at The Points Guy – a website that helps you maximize your travel money.

Use the comparison prices sites

Price comparison websites can do the legwork for you, guaranteeing the lowest price, you don’t have to toggle 15 browsers to find the cheapest flights.

You can set up a price alert on sites such as Google Flights or KAYAK, which will then email you once there’s a price drop if you’re not in a rush to purchase your airfare. Be mindful of excessive card charges, which enable some operators to offer ‘cheaper’ deals.

When it comes to booking, the earlier the better. You might think this is true, but according to KAYAK, long-haul prices tend to be high 11 months prior to departure. If you want to find cheap flights to Tokyo and Sidney, you should book them for 8 months in advance. If you want to go to New York or Los Angeles, you should book the flight 6 months in advance.

Pick an all-inclusive stay

Going all-inclusive can often mean reaping the reward of a well-planned vacation with plenty of luxury benefits for less although the words ‘luxury’ and ‘cheap’ don’t often go together in the same sentence.

Booking a tour might be the best solution, as they often include ground transportation, accommodation, local guides, attractions and meals.

Dining out might be cheaper

Breakfast might be included in your rate, you should find a restaurant for dinner. Investigate local grocery stores and stock up for less. Taking a five-minute walk down some back streets away from key tourist sites can invariably halve your bill and deliver a much more authentic experience. And there’s always street food for cheap, local, authentic fare.

Have many adventurous and cheap trips in 2020!


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