Game of Thrones Itinerary – Part II Dubrovnik


We will continue the tour of Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik.

Discover Kings Landing on a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik

If you thought Split had historic vibes, then Dubrovnik will exceed your expectations.  The city’s towering 13th century walls hint at its glory days as a prominent trading city-state rivalling the Venetian empire. They also made for ideal scenery for Kings Landing.

To relive the many scenes set in Kings Landing and learn a bit about Dubrovnik’s 1,500-year-long history along the way, you can book a 3.5-hour private Combo Game of Thrones & History Tour with a local guide.


Srd Lookout point

The view of Dubrovnik from Srd is unmistakably Kings Landing, just without the Red Keep which was added using computer voodoo. The local guide will show you a few screenshots of the Red Keep in different places within the city walls – apparently it was moved around from scene to scene. Keep an eye out for the moving Red Keep next time you’re having a GoT throwback binge, you may have completely missed it!

Outside the City Walls

You can walk down to the stone pier immediately west of the old city where several Game of Thrones scenes were filmed, most recently one from the final episode where Jon, Sansa, Bran and Arya say their farewells. The pier provides a vantage point for nearby filming locations like the Fort Bokar, a rocky beach, and even old fishing and storage sheds.

Game of Thrones Croatia

Dubrovnik Old City

Since Kings Landing features in all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones, there are plenty of filming locations to find inside Dubrovnik’s city walls. But the city also bursts with fascinating history and culture.

You can walk through the city’s narrow pedestrian-only streets while Marina pointed out architectural changes from different periods in Dubrovnik’s history; from 12th century cobblestone pavement, to repairs from earthquake damage during 1667, to bullet holes left in walls during the 1991 war.

Split and Dubrovnik are 2 cities in Croatia that can’t be beaten for a relaxing seaside vacation with amazing food, picturesque scenery, fascinating backstories, and oodles of Game of Thrones filming locations to explore.