Game of Thrones Itinerary – Great Places For Enthusiast Fans


2019 was the year every GOT fan expected. There were enthusiasts voices about the grand finale, but there was also those unsatisfied by that unexpected turn of events. No matter the side you’re on, we are sure you want to rediscover the magic of the places the movie was shot.

If you want to visit Croatia this summer, you must know that a large chunk of the show was filmed here, and you ca see the sites where Daenerys kept her dragons and where Cersei took her infamous walk of shame.

Split – the place where you can rediscover Meereen and Braavos

Split is a seaside city centred around the 1,700-year-old palace of Roman emperor, Diocletian. After Diocletian’s death in 316 AD, many locals moved inside the palace walls, and it continued to evolve. Today, the city’s fusion of ancient and modern can be found in trendy restaurants, bars, shops and B&B’s packed tightly within the ancient limestone walls.

Split Old Town and nearby Kliss Fortress were chosen as the filming locations for the city of Meereen, and neighbouring town Kastel Gomilica as the backdrop to the free city of Braavos. A large chunk of Meereen was filmed inside the palace basements, called substructures. You could recognize there the scene from the Sons of the Harpy massacre in season 5.

Kastel Gomilica

 Kastel Gomilica is 20 minutes away from Split and you could smell the sea salt as soon as you arrive. Most external shots of Braavos were created by computer nymphs, but this teeny tiny town is where the Braavos market was filmed and where Arya hid her sword, “Needle”.

Kliss Fortress

Kliss Fortress is 20 minutes away from Kastel Gomilica. It was originally a 9th century castle home to generations of Croatian kings. It was then transformed into a fortress from which Croatian soldiers defended their country during the 16th century Ottoman invasions.  The untouched fortress looks quite familiar as the city of Meereen.

One can even customize its tour upon request. We highly recommend you visit the new Game of Thrones Museum too.

In our next article you will find more about places where GOT was shot in Dubrovnik.

Stay tuned!